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Reception Area Reception Area Enjoy free Wi-fi during your visit to our office Treatment Room Treatment Room Your children will be able to watch a Netflix show
of their choice during their treatment -- a most welcome
distraction for them!
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest After each appointment your child will
have an opportunity to select one of
many great prizes that
we have in our treasure chest.
Game Room Game Room Kids can play games in our Game Room.
Some children get so excited they don't want to leave the office!
Hallway Our kid-friendly colors and design of our office make it
comfortable and inviting for patients of all ages.
Open Bay Treatment Area This room allows siblings
to be in one room together
during their hygiene visits,
so that parents can be
with the whole family at once.
Open Bay
Treatment Area
Parents Welcome Parents Are Always Welcome! At our office the parents can decide if they would like to accompany
their child during treatment or let their child be independent.
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