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In-Office General Anesthesia

Did you experience a failed oral sedation at the dentist with your child? Are looking for a better and more predictable way for your child to receive safe and comfortable dental treatment?

Your Child’s Positive Dental Experience Comes First

Dr. Batra’s overriding goal in his practice is to help children develop proper oral hygiene techniques, and to gain the confidence and reassurance that visiting the dentist does not have to be a scary experience.  He believes that when such concepts are reinforced early in a child’s dental experience, they can provide the foundation for your child to have a healthy mouth for a lifetime!

Many adult patients that fear going to the dentist report having had a bad dental experience as a child, and consequently, these adults often avoid seeking dental treatment.   This anxiety-based decision often leads these adults to develop more significant and complex dental problems than they may have otherwise had if they had sought regular care in the first place.

General Anesthesia is a Safe and Effective Alternative for Children with Dental Anxiety

Dr. Batra does everything he can in order to allow children to bring healthy teeth and positive dental experiences into adulthood.  And here at Macomb Children’s Dentistry, therefore, we are committed to bringing you the most predictable way to provide treatment for children who have severe dental anxiety.

Dr. Batra believes that the most safe and effective way for an anxious child to receive dental treatment is under general anesthesia, administrated by and under the supervision of a highly qualified anesthesia team.

Exceptional Pediatric Dentistry with the Safety of A Medical Anesthesiologist

Dr. Batra has teamed up with a nurse anesthetist to provide pediatric dentistry services with the use of in-office general anesthesia.  Dr. Raman will make your child comfortable with the anesthesia, and will monitor them closely during the procedure, which will allow Dr. Batra to provide your child the best dental treatment possible.

Pediatric Dentistry with In-Office General Anesthesia

There are many advantages of doing anesthesia right here in our office.  The most significant advantage over other methods of care such as oral sedation, which may require up to four separate visits, is that all treatment is completed in a single visit.

Before the procedure begins, you and your child meet the anesthesia team and a nurse in the pre-op room in order to go over any questions you may have. While treatment is being done we do have the parents wait in the reception area, but rest assured you will receive as many updates about your child as you would like.   We then invite you back into the room during recovery so you are the first person your child sees as they wake up. When you are ready to leave we will help you and your child to your car.

A Second Chance to Develop Good Home-Care Habits

We have seen children that have had treatment with general anesthesia do very well during future recall visits because they have no memory of the treatment performed.  With proper home care and routine dental visits, your child will learn to become independent in our office, leading to a future of great oral and overall health.  We like to think that having comprehensive dental care under general anesthesia gives children a “second start” with no cavities.

Inquire today to see if pediatric dentistry under general anesthesia is an option for your child.

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