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Nerve Treatment in Baby Teeth

NERVE TREATMENT (PULPOTOMIES) – When a cavity becomes very large or deep in a baby tooth, and is close to or spreads into the nerve area, the dentist must do a procedure known as a pulpotomy. The problem is that bacteria from the deep decay can damage the nerve of the tooth, which can often cause a toothache and infection. Note that a pulpotomy on a baby tooth is different than the procedure of the same name on an adult tooth, and is also known as a baby root canal.

Unlike a root canal treatment for an adult tooth, nerve treatment in a baby tooth is not as extensive a procedure. During the procedure, part of the nerve is removed from the inside of the tooth, and a special medicated filling is placed to soothe the tooth. After the treatment is performed, Dr. Batra will place a stainless steel crown to protect the tooth until the child is ready for the adult teeth to erupt.

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