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Extractions of baby teeth may be necessary for multiple reasons. Some common reasons that baby teeth need to be extracted include: orthodontic purposes, the presence of a non-restorable cavity, an infection, a toothache or an injury to the tooth.

Orthodontic treatment – If there is crowding, a baby tooth may be removed to make room for the permanent tooth. This type of extraction helps to properly align the permanent teeth.

Non–restorable cavity – When a cavity gets so large on a baby tooth that there is no longer enough healthy tooth structure to hold a filling or cap, the tooth often needs to be extracted.

Infection – Untreated cavities can frequently lead to dental infections, and an infection in a child’s mouth is a very serious matter. If not taken care of in a timely manner your child could experience significant swelling and pain, as well as other complications that could lead to hospitalization.

Injury – When a child has fallen or has otherwise traumatized a tooth, it may be necessary to extract the tooth. Signs of injury include, bleeding, shifting of the tooth forward or backward, visible cracking or chipping of the tooth. In these situations, children often complain of pain on chewing. It is important to note that if a tooth has been loosened due to trauma or injury, and unable to be stabilized, it may have to be extracted.

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