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It is critical for us to have the best tools possible in order to aid in a complete and proper dental diagnosis for your child. For this reason, x-rays are often an unavoidable part of your child’s dental exam. As a parent himself, Dr. Batra understands the desire to minimize x-ray exposure, and only orders x-rays when they are absolutely necessary.

And because your child’s safety is our utmost concern, we use the latest digital x-ray technology in our office. Studies have shown that digital x-rays reduce a patient’s radiation exposure by 80 to 90% compared to the traditional “wet film” system, thereby making x-rays that much safer for children. To put the exposure levels in perspective, one set of dental X-rays is approximately equivalent to a day out in the sun.

We use x-rays not only to diagnose cavities, but also to look for infected teeth, cysts and other development abnormalities. Dr. Batra has specialized training to detect when there may be a problem with tooth development , and to recognize when your child is ready to see an orthodontist to correct any issues that may cause problems in adulthood.

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