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Macomb Children’s Dentistry now offers free oral health care presentations to the school age kids of our community. We enjoy working with children and take pride in developing age appropriate presentations that are fun, exciting and informative. Our presentations encourage the kids in verbal and “hands-on” participation. We will cover such topics as proper brushing and flossing, benefits/risks of toothpaste, healthy foods vs. cavity promoting foods, drinking pop and going to the dentist.

We will provide every student at the presentation with a goodie bag that will include information that parents can use to talk to their children about proper oral health care.

We keep it short and sweet.

We have created slightly different presentations depending on the grade level of the child. Each presentation is about 30 minutes. For Pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade we do more of a hands on presentation. For grades 2-5 we have a power point presentation followed by a sugar demonstration. For 3-6 grades we can include a little sugar experiment if time allows.. All in all each presentation encourages student participation. We like to keep the class sizes to about 30 students. We find it is easier for kids to learn in a classroom of this size. We are able to customize according to your needs.

Are you eligible?

If you belong to any organizations listed below we would be happy to come to your location and teach kids about their teeth.

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Church groups
  • Mommy and me groups
  • Girls scouts
  • Boy scouts
  • Library groups and more

Please give us a call and we would be happy to reserve a time for your children.

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