Is it Normal for Children to Grind their Teeth?

Tooth grinding in children is normal

Many parents often ask us if it is normal for their child or toddler to grind their teeth, and in the overwhelming majority of instances, the answer is yes.


Grinding in children is not like grinding in adults

As adults we are counseled that “teeth grinding”, “clenching” and “bruxism” are problems that need to be treated, and parents often extend this notion to their children. As it turns out, grinding in kids is a relatively normal process in that the child’s mouth is growing and “getting used to having new teeth” and hence we are asked about “grinding in children”.


Do children who grind their teeth need a mouthguard or a nightguard?

No. Generally speaking, of course, children and toddles that grind their teeth do not need to wear a mouthguard or similar nighttime appliance, as we would often see with an adult.


..but children should wear a a sportsguard or a mouthguard for sports.

You can read more about sportsguards for kids on our sportsguards page, but parents should strongly consider having a custom-made mouthguard fabricated for their children who play contact sports where there is a risk of trauma to the mouth and teeth.